Founding Fathers Goals

The goals of our founding Fathers


What would the Founding Fathers think of today’s world that we live in?  Would they have the same drive to achieve the goals of their day?   I am not talking about politics of today versus yester year.

What I am getting at is the goals that they set for themselves to achieve the things that they were able to.  They did it by their own hands and the drive to make something from nothing.  Coming to America they set for themselves goals from ideas of what they imagined.  Dreams upon dreams to make a life for themselves that was better than were they came from.

Could we today, have that same drive to achieve the goals that we set forth to build something from nothing.  Are we in a place to where we see that things could be better, and to make something from nothing, just as our fore-fathers did?  Do we have that same drive to make it happen and succeed as they have?

I say, yes that we can!

We need only to have the determination and the dream in place.  Having a dream is only the beginning of the journey.  With that dream, we need to then believe in that dream.  Give that dream life with our beliefs that it will come true.   Our fore-fathers had dreams of coming to America and starting a new life.  With that dream, they saved their money sold their belongings and boarded a ship for the new world.

The difference is after the dream what did they do?  They acted on that dream and so do we.  Action is what changes the dream to reality.  Hard work along with our belief that the dream belongs to us it is now a goal.  We have to build it into reality by working towards what is now a goal instead of a dream.  Without working towards the goal and putting action into it, it only remains a dream or a wish.   We can wish and dream about wanting material things or money a better life.  But without the work involved in making it a goal and pushing forward…, it will only be a dream.

Once we have started working on the goal, we need to keep a firm hold on that goal and not be persuaded away from the goal.  Many people, friends and even family will say that “you shouldn’t be doing that”, or “you’re just wasting your time you need a real job to do” etc…   People will say all kinds of negative comments, you know why?  Majority will be because they didn’t think of it first before you did. That they don’t want to see you fail, but by doing nothing your dream fails any ways, so why not go for the goal and achieve something from nothing.  Well meaning as some may even be, it is your goal now and you can and will achieve our goal.

Set your mind to it and never falter away from the goal you have set for yourself.  Just as the founding fathers made their dreams into goals and achieved them, so can you!  Before long you will begin to realize that the goal is about to become reality and you have succeeded where others haven’t.  From a dream to a goal to reality you worked hard and long to achieve your objective.  It is with in you to do the same as the founding fathers.  Once you set your mind to do it, and you can.

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