Goal to loose weight

Goal to loose weight

How I was able to loose 61 pounds without any special programs or special diets and supplements.  I set my goals and achieved them just like you can, RIGHT!

In October of 2009 I had to have another back surgery.  This was my sixth back surgery that I have had to go through.  The surgery went well and I was back to work in 10 days time.  I worked in an office so I was pretty much sedentary.   Sitting all day at a desk and not getting much exercise, well lets me honest here no exercise.  My diet was what ever sound good that I wanted to have.

I put on so much weight in a very little time frame.  Almost over night it seemed that the weight just appeared.  We all know that it didn’t, but it was from eating the wrong foods, such as the easy fast foods, and not exercising at all.  I ballooned up to 269 pounds.  I didn’t have a spare tire or a beer gut, I had a whiskey barrel around my waistline.  I was more than twice the size that I was when I graduated high school twenty years earlier.

Imagine seeing double in the mirror each morning when I would be getting ready for work.  I was seeing two of me in the mirror.  I was doing the manly ego thing when I was around others and sucking my gut in.  No one would notice the weight I put on.  I was lying to myself about my weight.  One morning when I was putting on my shoes and was trying to reach over my big belly and it squeezing my lungs to where I was running out of breath just trying to tie my shoes. I had to make a change and fast. I had to loss weight.

I made up my mind that I was not going to look this way and be unhealthy any more.  My back surgeon had been telling me that I needed to loose some weight because of my back issues.  He told me that I would feel so much better if I could loose some weight.  So now I had two things were in place that I could use to focus on to loose the weight. I had the back issues with the pain and I had the way I seen myself.

I was going to loose the weight and I was going to do it fast.  I joined a gym and was ready to work out.  Problem was I hadn’t set a goal to reach, a goal to focus on and commit to.  So after spending money on a gym membership and new gym clothes and shoes, I was off to the gym.  I talked to a trainer and got a routine to start working out.  First month I was religious about being at the gym.  I worked out and went through the steps on what I was shown. Then the second month and I wasn’t as enthused to be at the gym.

I started slacking off and would tell myself; “I will just double up tomorrow”.  But tomorrow turned into the next day and then distractions became more important.  I was lost on loosing all the weight I had put on.  Still eating bad foods and bad habits didn’t help at all.  I started with good intentions but not a goal in place.  Without a goal, I had no direction.  With no direction I was doomed to fail, and I did.

Another year went by and then another I was still at or around 269 pounds.  Then came back surgery number seven! I thought to myself what am I going to do?  What if I put on more weight after this surgery?  Is this surgery because I didn’t loose the weight like my surgeon had asked me to do so many times?  Had I put myself in the position to have this seventh back surgery because of the weight?  Probably so, I can’t say for sure though.

Surgery seven was a success.  The surgeon was able to put the rod and screws in my back.  I was up and walking by the third day.  Came home and lay in bed for two weeks resting and only moving when I had to. I was walking but had to use a walker.  Once I was able to move around I was determined to not put on more weight.  After a few months, I was back to normal, Kim and I started walking 1 mile a day then two miles.  That was great but I wasn’t loosing any weight.

I knew I had to change my habits and what I was eating.  I would sit down at the computer working on writing my book and would drink a 2 liter Dr Pepper.  During the day I would consume two to three 20 oz bottles of Dr Pepper.  There is so much sugar in them I would find out.  So one day when Kim asked if I needed Dr Peppers I told her not to buy anymore.  I was quitting the Dr Pepper; it was my addiction to be honest.  I would have headaches if I missed drinking one. I changed my eating habits and started eating healthier foods.

Still at 263 pounds, I sat down at the kitchen table and wrote out what I wanted for myself.  I wanted to weigh 190 to 210 and not have back issues.  I committed to loosing the weight and told myself that I was going to be 200 pounds.  I set my goals to loose so much each week.  I was going to exercise more and not just walking.  I was going to get my heart rate up and loose the fat reserves.

At first it was hard but I was focused on my goal and I was going to make it.  I didn’t take any special diets or newest weight loose gimmick.  I was going to loose the weight that I had put on myself.  I wanted to look better in the mirror and to Kim.  I had to do this for myself.

To reach my goal of being 200 pounds I had to set smaller more attainable goals.  By doing these smaller goals I could see the results of that smaller goal faster.  I could see the progress that I was making.  Seeing the progress made me more determined to succeed in reaching my goal.    By setting up the smaller goals I could celebrate the victories more often and be proud of myself, which built up my self esteem.

I had learned to set goals when I was younger dealing with abuse.  So I had the tools to set the goals now to loose all this extra weight I had put on.  The steps that I teach others how to set their own goals to be able to achieve for themselves, they can use for weight loss or in their business.

By setting my own goals, I was able to loose 61 pounds.  I now weigh 209 pounds and will continue on till I reach my new goal of making it to 190 pounds.  Without the goal in place and a direction to focus on, I would have never been able to get my weight down.  I feel great and don’t have as much back pains any more.

You too, can have these same results without the fad diets and crazy new gizmos and supplements.  Set a goal for yourself.  Commit to that goal.  Focus on that goal each and every day.  If you would like more information on how you can set your goals.  Contact me.

DSCF0147 209 pounds



Update on my goal to loose weight.

As of today July 19, 2014; I am 10 pounds away from reaching my goal weight of 190 pounds.  I have set the small goals and have reached them one by one.  Every time I have reached a one of the small goals, it has motivated me to keep going and see the progress I have made.

I hope my success will be motivation for you to reach your goals in weight lose and also in reaching other goals you set for yourself.

John Wilson

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