What is stopping you?

What is stopping you?

Are you stopping yourself from success

    After helping many clients lately with the same type of issues, I wanted to write about it so that I can help those of you that might be feeling the same way.  SO, have you ever wondered why you can’t get ahead in your career?  Are you tired of seeing those around you that might not be doing the job as good as you are, and you see them get promoted and being paid a higher salary than you?  I ask you now, what is stopping you from achieving the same thing?  Why aren’t you being promoted and getting paid the big bucks?

This is some of the same questions that clients have come to me asking.  Why can’t they be the ones that are getting ahead in their career and moving up the ladder of success?  Well it is quite simple and is an easy thing to overcome, if you want too.  But, do YOU WANY TOO?

If you answered YES, then keep reading and I will give you some tips that can help you.  If you answered no, I ask you why you don’t want to.  That is up to you if you want to stay where it is that you are at and can accept the pay and the position you are at.  I do encourage you to rethink it and want to move ahead in your career.   Yes, I have run across this in helping people that they are comfortable where they are at and don’t want change.  That is another issue and topic for another article.

Ok let us get started in helping you that want more and to move ahead.  Why do you think that you haven’t moved forward in your career?  Have you looked into changing jobs and signed up for email notifications of jobs you are interested in?  Do you check with your managers and HR department of openings within your company now?  This is one way to be on the offensive taking charge and looking for that advancement.  If you have already done this, what have you done with the emails and talking with management or HR?

You have to act on the emails and submit your resume to HR.  This is obvious right?  But time and time again I have talked with clients that are afraid of submitting that resume, or they check the emails and never do anything else with them.  Why?  People are afraid of rejection and putting themselves out there.  Without action and taking that step you will not be advancing in your career or life.

Being stuck in that same routine and only wishing and dreaming of something better.  Hoping that one day they will be noticed and that dream job will fall in their laps.  Could this happen? Maybe! But wouldn’t you rather make it happen sooner and be the driven force in your success and not leave it up to luck?  I sure would!

If you truly want to move ahead and have that career position that you want.  Then make it happen!  You can make that career move happen by getting noticed as the expert in your area.  Learn all you can and put in that 110% each and every day.  When you receive those email listings of jobs openings. Submit that resume right then to them, do not wait.  If you wait you won’t do it.  Make sure your own HR department in the company you work for now has an updated resume.  Let them be aware of your skill sets and knowledge of the position.  You don’t want to be overly obnoxious about it but be persistent.  We have all heard “Persistence pays off”, right!!

One thing that you will need to do is be who others see you as at work.  By this I mean the way others see you as the one that has the expertise and does the great job, see that in yourself too.  If you don’t see that you are the one that can do the job and are capable.  Then no one else will see that either and you will not be noticed.  You have to be noticed in a positive way as being the expert and doing the best every day.

That is how the others are getting ahead while you are still doing the better job but being passed over. Keep doing that great job, but become noticed by those in charge.  Bring on that level of confidence in yourself and your own self pride.  You are the best person for that career change and will be the best at it.  Know that within you so that others will begin to see that too.  It all starts within you and how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself.

Stop thinking that you aren’t good enough; I hear that so many times from clients.  “I don’t see myself being good enough”.  Why not?  Why don’t you see yourself as good enough, those other people are no better then you are?  They aren’t smarter than you are either, so you can’t think that.  Believe in yourself and feel confident in your own abilities that you are just as good as or better than the others, right!!

If you are unsure of yourself in any way others will see that.  Being timid or shy has a way of working against you in the business world. Being less confident in you portrays lack of ability or drive in getting things accomplished.  I know from my own experiences when I was in high school and just starting in the business world, when I was feeling small and had no confidence in myself, it hindered me.  Once I was put into a position where I had to present and show my work I built up my confidence and then others seen that I was very capable and knew my work inside and out.

Find that confidence within you, it is there, wanting to come out and show the world who you really are already.  That person inside that is confident and intelligent and knows how to get the job done on time and done the best way possible, that person is you.  Helping you overcomes these small issues and to grow into that confident person is what I do best.  It drives me to see you improve and grow being successful in whatever career you are in.   You can do it I know you can, others know you can also.  It is time that you know it about yourself, don’t you think.

Sometimes the only thing that is stopping us from great success, is ourselves.  Don’t stop yourself from greatness, take that step on the path to your success.

John Wilson

Clear Mind Clear Path

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